Our Story

MamaZen® started with a stressed-out and frustrated mom that was ready for a change. Irin Rubin knew there had to be a better, more peaceful approach to motherhood, but the challenges never seemed to cease. After years of looking for solutions and countless bubble baths that did not work, she went to her husband Jake and asked for his help.

Jake Y. Rubin, M.A., CHT, is an expert in Mindfulness Meditation, trained at the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA, and a respected Board Certified Hypnotherapist. She knew that together they could create a life-changing and powerful solution for motherhood anxiety, burnout, stress, and guilt.

Since that day in December of 2017, the pair have dedicated their passion and talents to revolutionizing the way moms do mom-life.

Together they created a series of Mindpower Sessions® that specifically address the issues Irin faced as a mother. After just one session, Irin felt lighter and more relaxed. The sessions started changing the way Irin approached motherhood--and then the really amazing thing happened.

Irin realized that as she became the happier and healthier mama she always wanted to be, her kids were changing too. Her children were happier, they behaved better, and responded more positively.

Well, when you have something this incredible, you want to share it. Irin shared the Sessions with her mommy group, and the moms experienced life-changing transformations that completely flipped their perspectives on motherhood. That was the final piece of the puzzle that sealed the deal.

With extensive research and testing, Irin and Jake decided to create MamaZen®, focusing on making a positive change in the mindsets of mothers worldwide, so children and their families can thrive in a calm, healthy, and happy environment.

This is MamaZen® and our mission is to help you enjoy your motherhood journey because happy moms raise happy kids.