About MamaZen

At MamaZen®, we're dedicated to revolutionizing parental well-being on a global scale, now proudly used in 30+ countries. With an impressive 92% success rate, our signature Mindpower Sessions® offer a deep dive into mindfulness and cognitive hypnotherapy techniques, thanks to the expertise of Jake Y. Rubin, M.A., CHT.

These sessions are tailored to empower parents in navigating challenges, notably anxiety and burnout. Under the strategic leadership of CEO Irin Rubin, our portfolio has expanded to over 500 curated audio sessions, each addressing the diverse and ever-evolving challenges of modern parenting.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with accolades, including the prestigious Ringling College Innovation by Creative Design Award. But beyond the awards, our core mission is to be a reliable support system for mothers and families. We aim to guide mothers through both daily challenges and profound personal transformations, aiding in breaking generational patterns and healing past traumas.

In the intricate world of contemporary parenting, MamaZen stands as an unwavering beacon of support, offering tools, guidance, and resources tailored to foster resilience and holistic well-being. Join us on this transformative journey, as we reshape the narrative of parental support and well-being .