Foster Family-Focused Insurance Solutions with MamaZen

Reinforce your corporation as a leader in promoting overall well-being and reducing healthcare costs

Empower Parents & Enhance Insurance Offerings

Differentiate your company with comprehensive support for parents at all stages

Improve Policyholder Health Outcomes

Strengthen relationships with clients by offering tailored resources and tools that make a real difference to their daily habits and overall wellbeing

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The life-changing app for families

Meditation Sessions on Mamazen App

Cognitive Hypnotherapy + Mindfulness

Science-based Mindpower Sessions® help you create lasting change for you and your family.

Emergency Sessions

Get instant relief right when you need it with our 5-7 Minute Emergency Sessions.

Mother Love

Zenzy® Program - Free Kids Sessions

Empowering Kids to conquer anxiety, build confidence, and foster positive self-talk.

24/7 Powered AI Coaches and Experts

Supporting and guiding you through every step of parenthood.

Endorsed & Adopted by Doctors, Psychologists, and Mental Health Experts

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Differentiate Your Insurance Company
with Integrative Support and Resources for Parents at All Stages.

Enhance Insurance Offerings for Parents

Partner with MamaZen to provide policyholders access to tailored resources, tools, and support that promote mental and emotional well-being.

Attract and Retain Loyal Policyholders

Strengthen policyholder satisfaction and loyalty by offering valuable resources that support parents at any stage of their journey.

Reduce Costs and Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Contribute to reduced healthcare costs for policyholders and reinforce your brand as a family-focused insurance provider.

MamaZen Impact


countries with MamaZen users worldwide


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2023 Health Outcomes Survey Results

As reported by our members


Reported reduction in stress levels


Reported fewer symptoms of anxiety


Reported decrease in need for mental health consults


Reported increase in overall health & wellness

Empowering Parents and Enhancing the Value of Insurance Offerings

Elevate Your Insurance Offerings with Comprehensive Support and Resources for Parents at All Stages

Create positive health outcomes for your customers with MamaZen's mental and emotional well-being support for parents, promoting overall well-being and reducing healthcare costs.

Uninterrupted Support
MamaZen ensures 24/7 access to wellness sessions, providing continuous support and eliminating the service disruptions often seen in traditional therapy due to changes in network status or therapist/provider availability.

Integrative & Equitable Wellness Offerings
Enhance your insurance offerings with MamaZen, underlining a commitment to integrative health and well-being for moms and families, setting your services apart in a competitive market.

Preventive Care Strategy
Invest in the future of health with MamaZen. Our platform helps alleviate stress, burnout and anxiety in mothers, potentially averting severe conditions and driving significant long-term savings for insurers.

Why MamaZen

MamaZen is a comprehensive platform designed to support parents at any stage, enhancing your insurance company's offerings and appeal. By partnering with MamaZen, your company can provide clients with invaluable resources and tools that promote mental and emotional well-being for parents.

Strengthen policyholder satisfaction and loyalty

Add value to your insurance packages

Reinforce your brand as a family-focused insurance provider

Reduce costs and generate better health outcomes

Our Complete

Discover the range of resources and support services we offer to help your policyholders navigate the challenges of parenthood:

MamaZen Platform

Grant your policyholders full access to our mobile app and online platform, featuring Mindpower Sessions and a wide range of resources, tools, and support specifically designed for parents at any stage.

Parental Transition Support

Assist policyholders in preparing for and navigating the transition to and from parental leave with checklists, planning tools, and best practices.

Workshops and Webinars

Offer interactive workshops and webinars addressing essential topics for parents, such as stress reduction, time management, and work-life balance.

Content Library

Provide your policyholders with an extensive library of articles, videos, and other content on relevant topics, such as parenting tips, mental health, and wellness, allowing them to access valuable information and advice anytime, anywhere.

Created by experts and mental well-being professionals.

Developed to empower mamas around the world to become the mothers they always wanted to be, and raise happier and healthier children.

The life-changing app for moms

Meditation Sessions on Mamazen App

Hypnotherapy + Mindfulness

Science-based Mindpower Sessions™ help you create lasting change for you and your family.

Emergency Sessions

Get instant relief right when you need it with our 7-Minute Emergency Sessions.

Mother Love

Customized for Moms

Solutions for motherhood challenges in every stage, from pregnancy to grade-school.

Benefits for Policyholders and Insurance Companies


Improved mental and emotional well-being

Accessible 24/7

Increased overall life satisfaction

Access to expert guidance and resources

Supportive community of fellow parents

Insurance Companies

Higher policyholder retention rates

Greater policyholder satisfaction and loyalty

Stronger company reputation

Increased market competitiveness

Reduced costs & improved health outcomes

Benefits for You, the HR Decision Maker

Enhance your leadership and bolster reputation

Foster employee satisfaction and loyalty

Attract premier talent with unique benefits

Boost productivity and overall work environment

Reviews from Our Members

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I've been using this app almost daily for the past 2 months, and I cannot begin to tell y'all how much I love it! LIFE CHANGING! I'm calmer, happier, more patient (with my kids, my husband, and myself) and just overall feel better than I have in a long time.

I gave birth to fourth child about 11 weeks ago, and that pregnancy was so dang hard... MamaZen has been instrumental in pulling me out of a deep prego/postpartum rut and I am so grateful. My family thanks you too.

Best $14 a month I've ever spent!!
Lindsey Mamazen App user
Lindsey S.
Mother of 4
Utah, United States
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I was very skeptical at first but I can definitely say this already starting to change my life! Went from being constantly tired, NO motivation to do anything for myself or with my kids and got so tired of hearing myself yell at them all the time... I came to the point where I was just defeated and sad & told myself this is my life now, there is nothing else that I can do.

After listening to these sessions just a few times, I feel ABSOLUTELY REJUVENATED! 🙏 I have way more patience with the kids and I've already notice a difference in them. I WOULD 100% RECOMMEND THIS TO ANY MOTHER WHO FEELS THEY ARE DROWNING. This is a game changer 💯
Christa P.
Mother of 2
Alberta, Canada
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have been using MamaZen for a few months now and I can honestly say it’s made an incredible difference in my mindset and how I am with my kids.

I just feel like myself again, and I'm way more present and just happy... It's like the awesome old me is back with me now as a mama! Thanks for giving me my life back!!!

Mother and Baby
Susan C.
Mom of 3
Los Angeles, CA

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