As moms, impatience is one of those things we always try to avoid, yet somehow it sneaks up on us. When we get impatient, it can make us do many things that we don't want to do such as yell and lose our temper.

The tricky thing about impatience is it is usually a result of several other factors, like exhaustion, stress, and frustration. When we don't address these negative feelings, they tend to build up inside of us until we don't have any room for them anymore -- that's when we have an emotional explosion.

We feel like we need to do it all and give everything we've got one hundred percent of the time, often at the expense of our own well-being. When we deny ourselves time to rest and renew, even the little things start to wear us down, and we slowly lose our ability to maintain our patience. Suddenly, impatience takes over and we end up snapping at our partner, yelling at our kids, or having an emotional breakdown.

Using a combination of peaceful meditation and hypnotherapy, MamaZen guides you through a series of thought-provoking Mindpower Sessions™ that help you shift your perspective on motherhood. You'll start to discover ways to become more mindful of your emotions and the triggers that usually wear on your patience.

Using this new knowledge, you can start to become more conscious of how you react to certain situations so you can face daily challenges in a more positive and productive way. You'll become a calmer, more patient mother who understands how to handle difficult and trying times with love and grace.

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