3 Easy Ways To Find Your Balance

Sometimes being a mom feels like you’re performing a circus act; you’re walking a tightrope while juggling balls of fire. Here’s how to keep your balance.

Sometimes, the whole concept of “finding a balance” seems a little impossible. I mean, is it really a viable concept that one person can feasibly handle absolutely everything that we as moms are expected to handle and still feel a sense of calm? Honestly, probably not, at least not if you include every single thing that you want to accomplish all of the time. Really, finding a balance means letting go of some things and being okay with it. For example, imagine you’re walking across a tightrope as you juggle ten balls...it would be a real struggle to maintain your balance. However, what if you decide to let a few of those balls go? Now, you’re juggling five balls as you cross the rope, and you can breathe a little easier. 

I used to say yes to absolutely everything. I had the worst time telling people no; I worried that they would be upset with me, or that they would think I was lazy, or even worse, I would think less of myself. I thought that everything and everyone had to come first and I just had to deal with whatever it was that I had left.

It took me many, many years (and becoming a mom) to realize that something had to change. When I discovere I became even more confident that I deserved to be happy and healthy. 

Here are three ways that I started to find a little more balance in my life (and you can too!):

  • Set Priorities and Plan -- You know your life. You know the things that you absolutely have to get done. If you take an honest look at your to-do list, you probably can bump quite a few things down to the bottom. For example, a doctor’s appointment should stay at the top of your list, but polishing the silver that you use once a year -- that can probably move down to the bottom (and stay there). 

Try this to take some weight off of your shoulders. Before you go to bed, write down the three most important things you need to accomplish the next day, followed by three secondary items that you would like to accomplish. The next day, no matter what comes along, only do what helps you accomplish your three must-do items. If you complete all three, then you can move on to the three extra items that you would like to do. 

At night, before bed, review your list. Any must-do items that did not get accomplished simply move to the next day, and review your secondary items and reconsider if they really even need to be done. 

  • Just Say No -- Part of sticking to your priorities is being able to say no to anything that doesn’t help you accomplish your goals. If you have a full plate of food, would you accept another helping? No! (unless maybe it’s a slice of wedding cake, but that’s another story). In other words, part of your plan needs to include time for yourself, so if taking on something new gets in the way of your priorities and your “me time,” then learn to tell people no with grace and conviction. As for worrying about what people think, don’t -- most of the time, people will accept your no and simply ask someone else. 

  • Remember You’re Enough -- Moms, it’s time we started recognizing just how marvelous we are. YOU ARE ENOUGH. It’s true, but now you need to believe it for yourself. Need some extra encouragement? Listen to MamaZen's Increase Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Acceptance session in the Calmer & Happier Mommy program. This session is all about understanding that you are enough. If you’re struggling with this concept, look at it this way - your kids learn by example, so don’t you want your kids to love themselves? Don’t you want your kids to accept themselves? Of course, you do! Well, you need to do it first. While you’re at it, listen to the session Ditch the Self-Doubt because doubt is an obstacle to a healthy sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

Remember, #momlife was never meant to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult all of the time. Keep these simple steps in mind to start finding a sense of balance that works for you, and incorporate the tools and programs that MamaZen has to offer to help you change your mindset about what is acceptable when it comes to motherhood. Try not to juggle too many balls as you cross that tightrope, and if you do take on more than you can handle, recognize when it’s okay to let yourself fall into the safety net (your family and friends that love and support you) and start again.  

Stacy Randall

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