How to Get Rid of Self-Doubt

How to get rid of self-doubt is one of the healthiest questions to ask as a mom. Doubt is something that weighs us down, makes us feel bad about every decision, and leaves space for us to compare ourselves with others.

Questioning self-doubt and it’s necessity in our lives is a great place to be in - many of us will fall victim to self-doubt for our entire lives, and only feel worse for it! Because when did doubting our decisions as moms ever make anything better?!

It’s hard to be confident when you’ve got somebody else's well being and entire life in your hands, even if they are a very small person! And I’ve been there. To be totally honest, I am still there.

I’ve asked my partner how to get rid of self-doubt, I’ve asked my mom for advice about getting rid of self-doubt, and as helpful as their suggestions are, doubting myself is something that only I can fix. And I would imagine that it’s the same for you.

People can tell us how to get rid of self-doubt until they’re blue in the face, but unless we’re implementing practices, changing our mindsets, and developing personally, we’re not going to get very far with mere advice.

And unfortunately, self-doubt is one of the very hardest things to control when we become mothers!

‘Ditch the Self-Doubt’ is a Mindpower Session by MamaZen which was created considering the following questions that we all find ourselves asking:

Am I doing this whole parenting thing right?

Will my kids resent me when they’re older?

What if I make a mistake and it impacts my children forever?

The session helps us to discover and tap into our intuition as moms, and start trusting that we are making the best decisions that we can for our family.

When I first discovered this session, I thought that it wasn’t for me. I decided that the questions I was tirelessly asking myself about the impact that I was having on the welfare and future of my daughter’s life were ones that I should be asking myself at all times.

It’s not until I delved further into the world of self-development and hypnotherapy for moms that I realized these questions were actually weighing me down, and that I would be much better off without them circling round my head.

You might not be asking yourself how to get rid of self-doubt, but like me, you may really need to. And here’s why self-doubt is such a hard thing to let go of...

As intertwined as we are with our children, we do, or at least will, have separate lives at some point - whether we like it or not! The most we can do is guide our children through their younger years with a steady and supportive hand, eventually giving them the space they need to find their own way into adulthood. It doesn’t mean that we need to relinquish all control, just a little bit. Because really, that’s what self-doubt comes down to. It’s us feeling like we have total control over the future of our children, and that everything we do will affect who they become as adults. But that just isn’t the case, and this is what makes self-doubt so utterly pointless and terribly self-sabotaging.

Another MamaZen session that can really help us let go of self-doubt is “I am a confident mom”. Let’s start being confident in the choices that we make as parents, and know that it probably won’t affect our children for the rest of their lives.

There’s only so much that we can control, and most of it is out of our hands! Our children are, after all, individual people with their own minds.

MamaZen helps to teach us how to get rid of self-doubt through a shift in mindset and by understanding that we already have the answers that we need buried in our innate ability to mother.

Just remember, it’s ok to not always know the answer!

Though we might be superheroes, we’re still human. But if we can learn how to get rid of self-doubt and in turn, lighten that heavy load that we have been carrying around since the birth of our children, we’ll probably feel a hell of a lot better.

Start learning how to get rid of self-doubt by trusting yourself, spending a little time with MamaZen, and relinquishing a little control.

It’s hard, but we can do it!

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