Hypnotherapy is Widely Used in Delivery Rooms, Why Not Use it for Motherhood Stress?


At 16 years old, while watching my older sister struggle through a hard labor, my inexperienced self knew enough to remind her to breathe. Unfortunately, my suggestion was not received well. But most women are aware of the importance of proper breathing during labor. Those who have tried hypnotherapy recognize the power of controlled breathing, meditation, a focus on positive thoughts and words, and re-framing to help ease the pain and anxiety of childbirth. But should we limit these techniques to the delivery room?

What if we brought this knowledge and these techniques to our experiences of motherhood as well? We could possibly have a revolution of calm and contented mothers, the benefits of which would inevitably filter through to the next generation. 

If you’re a mother, you know this scene well; the sink cluttered with dishes, toys and art supplies spread across the floor, kids running through the house, the baby screaming from the wrap as you gently bounce to quiet her. You feel like you walked into a circus tent when you meant to attend the ballet. Your life at the moment is anxiety-riddled chaos, much like un-managed labor can be. This could be the perfect time to employ these techniques, which are available on the MamaZen app.

Using hypnosis techniques during childbirth is about deep breathing, with control and intention. It involves focusing your attention to the positive and using the act of re-framing words and thoughts to reflect this. It employs meditation and guided visualizations. It is a way to calm your body and your mind, to soothe the potentially chaotic throes of labor into an experience you can manage. It is a way to re-frame the narrative that birth is a painful, fear-filled experience. These techniques can all work in those less-than-ideal moments of motherhood as well. 

Years ago, I saw a meme on social media that brought a pause to my typical way of thinking. It stated a list of repeated complaints mothers make and re-framed them in a way that noted the positive and counted the blessing. Like shifting the frustration of never-ending laundry to the recognition of an active family with clothes to wear. Ref-raming is a strong element of using hypnotherapy in labor, like trading “pushing” for “birth breathing”, one that can be used successfully in motherhood as well.

As mothers, especially new mothers and mothers of children with special needs, we are often filled with anxiety and worry about our abilities. We compare ourselves to mothers we see on social media or at playgroups and school functions. We fear that we are not doing enough of the right things for our children, and we can be consumed by the frustrating guilt and worry that comes with these questions. Add to these fears the activity and attention needed by our children, and we can crumple to the floor in defeat.

If hypnotherapy can help women through the anxiety, pain and fears of physically bringing children into the world, doesn’t it stand that it can help women through the worries, stress and insecurities of motherhood, as well? The MamaZen App can bring these calming and empowering techniques to your life and it is most certainly worth the try.

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