3 Quick Tips To a Calmer Mommy

Why is it that the words “stressed” and “frazzled” seem to be used so often in the same sentence as “mom?” Perhaps it’s because as moms we tend to take on more than we can handle, usually because we want the best for our kids and our families, and also because sometimes we feel this insane urge to do it all.

We feel like if we don’t do absolutely everything, then we’re failing. Of course, the truth is, we can’t do it all, and we weren’t meant to, but that is easier to say than to do. Welcome to #momlife.

That’s why I’m glad MamaZen tumbled into my life; it reminds me that it’s okay to calm down and breathe. It’s okay that I want to take some time for myself. After all, we are moms, yes, but we are also human. 

If you find yourself getting worked up over the smallest things, burnt out, and on edge, then know that you are not alone. If you were, there wouldn’t be any need for Mommy Mindpower, meditation, or other forms of relaxation. There are reasons things like yoga, bubble baths, and wine exist, moms!  Therefore, if you find that you are always stressed out and agitated, take some time to reset.

I know, as moms, time is a luxury, so we’ll stick with these three quick tips to become a calmer mommy:

  • Prioritize Sleep -- Yes, we are so busy, sometimes we don’t even get to bed until after midnight, and then before we know it we’re up with the kids at 6 AM. However, when we don’t get enough sleep, it affects everything -- our health, mood, patience, self-control -- everything! Start with baby steps trying to adjust to a new sleep routine. For example, you might just push the time you go to bed up by ten minutes, then twenty, and so on, until you are going to bed at a more reasonable time.

Use Mommy Mindpower’s Deep & Restful Sleep session for several nights to help refocus your mindset and drift off into a sound sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed. If you’re worried about all of the things you have to do, take a few extra minutes before bed to write them down. This way, they are out of your brain, but you know they are not forgotten. Also, try to go tech-free at least an hour before you plan to get in bed, so no phones, computers, tablets, or television.

  • Learn To Let Go -- Overthinking and dwelling on every little thing adds up to big anxiety and a sense of feeling lost and overwhelmed. As moms, we spend a bunch of time worrying about all of the “what ifs” and in the meantime, the “what is” is passing us by. All of this worry leads to frustration, stress, and doubt. MamaZen Calmer & Happier Mommy program includes a session that helps Overcome Anxiety and Overwhelm. Take some time to listen to it several times over the course of a week to start to refocus your mind on being able to replace anxious thoughts with calmer ones, and reduce your overall anxiety by learning that it is okay to let go.

  • Remember To Breathe -- Do you recall the age-old advice of closing your eyes and counting to ten before you do or say anything when you get upset or angry? The idea is to give yourself a moment to calm down before you just react and potentially say or do something you will regret, not to mention probably make yourself even more upset. Developing more patience can be a big boost to our overall sense of calm; it helps keep things in perspective. If you need a helping hand, try listening to Mommy Mindpower’s Develop More Patience and Reduce Anger session a few times for a week to start to work through the triggers that set you off, those little things that really push your buttons. It will help you become more proactive instead of reactive when it comes to mommy life.

Nobody changes overnight, change is a process; heck, life is a process. We all learn as we go and adapt and overcome. Qualities like patience, being calm, and taking time for yourself are not always easy to come by when you’re a mom. Our natural tendency is to put everyone and everything before ourselves. Well, moms, it’s time to breathe and remember that you need to take care of you first -- look at it this way, ultimately it’s the best thing to do for your kids because they’ll get a calmer and happier mommy out of it. 

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