Three Stress-Free Ways to Achieve Peaceful & Positive Parenting

When your toddler has once again thrown another toy down the toilet, or your grade-schooler has refused to do homework for the 10th time in one night, it’s very tempting to yell. Then, our kids either get upset, shut down, or begrudgingly do what they were told to, just so they don’t have to hear us yell again. This certainly isn’t the picture of peaceful parenting. The good news is, you can paint a new picture in which you use a more mindful approach to dealing with your children’s misbehavior. Then, you can build a positive relationship with them that will continue into their adult years.

Here are three ways you can start working toward peaceful and positive parenting with your kids, without the stress and yelling:

Take Care of You -- When it comes to peaceful parenting, it all starts with you. Yes, self-care is the equivalent of a dirty word when it comes to moms, but it’s one that needs to be spoken more often. Ultimately, when you take care of yourself, you’re calmer and less stressed, you’re happier, which translates to happier kids. This is because when you can stay calm, you can regulate your own emotions better. If you need a jumpstart, check out these Mindpower Sessions: ‘Prioritize Wellness’ and ‘Feel Good Taking “Me” Time’.


Don’t Think You Have to Do It Alone -- Somewhere, somehow, if you're a mom, you developed the belief that you're supposed to handle everything with a smile while baking cupcakes and doing Pilates at 6 am. But, when you try to grin and bear it solo, it often leads to unintended reactions. Unfortunately, many of these reactions turn out to be you yelling at your kids. What’s more, many times, you probably end up going too far and saying things you don't mean or losing your cool completely. It's okay to need help and ask for it. If you're still struggling with trying to do it all, listen to ‘Be Open to Getting Help with My Child’ and ‘Release Perfectionism’.

Connect with Your Children -- Don’t get me wrong, I get that being a mom is tough. Sometimes, my son does things that leave me absolutely baffled and ready to pull my hair out. I feel my patience wearing thin, and in those moments, it would be so easy to just yell and issue some sort of punishment. But, that rarely ends well for anyone. Instead, positive parenting stresses the importance of connecting with your children and disciplining them in a way that builds your child up and helps you develop mutual respect. Check out ‘Feel More Empathy and Compassion for My Child’ and ‘My Child Is Strong-Willed’ for help recognizing where your kids are coming from and how to handle challenging moments peacefully.

It’s not a secret that motherhood tests us every day. It throws challenge after challenge our way to see how we’ll cope, and sometimes we pass, sometimes we don’t. Nobody’s perfect, momma. But you can work on using the peaceful parenting approach more often, and you can get started right now.  Download the MamaZen app today for instant 24/7 access to all of the best ways to face those motherhood challenges, right in the palm of your hand. Keep calm and MamaZen on.

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