Perfectionism And Parenting

It took me about 2 years, 3 months, and 8 days to understand that being a ‘perfect parent’ is an unachievable dream created in our minds. I mean, I always knew that there was no such thing, but I would be lying if I were to say that, despite this, I didn’t try to become the ‘perfect parent’.

Becoming a mum throws you in at the deep end of a pool with no edges. A little dramatic perhaps, but it’s true that there’s nothing that you can do to prepare yourself for motherhood. As they say, it’s true that we ‘learn as we go’. We keep swimming, we make the wrong decisions, we learn from our mistakes, and we move forward.

The attempt for perfectionism, I think, comes with trying to make the ‘right’ decision to help our babies to achieve certain things - sleeping through the night, learning how to walk, using cutlery. I tried an abundance of techniques to try and encourage my daughter to sleep through the night, none of which worked, and all of which made me feel terrible. I hated the idea of leaving her crying in her cot, but I did it because I thought that it was the right thing to do.

But let me ask you, is making yourself feel sick with guilt the right thing to do? I don’t think so.

I think when it comes to being a parent, we all have to do what feels right for ourselves and our babies. Sure, we can listen to advice and read 100’s of blog posts, and maybe we’ll learn something! But if you come away with a gut feeling, follow it. This is what makes parenting look different from family to family, and it’s ok to do things differently!

We certainly do things differently - we have a vegan toddler who sleeps in our bed and eats her meals whilst walking around the house as and when she feels like it. To some people, I’m sure that sounds hectic, but for us, it works - and that’s because we’re doing what feels right for our family.

I always felt like I was being pulled in two different directions since becoming a mum - the direction that my gut felt was right, and what other people suggested I should do. Using MamaZen has helped me learn how to ground myself, follow my instincts, and parent with the confidence that I know I have.

For me, there’s nothing more powerful than equipping myself with the tools to be a stronger and more confident version of myself - and that’s what the hypnotherapy sessions give me. Plus, what mum doesn’t want 15-minutes of alone time every day?! And this is alone time that you can feel really good about - because although we should never feel guilty about spending some time away from our children, we nearly always do.

Let MamaZen quickly help you to overcome your self-doubt as a mum, and stop trying to achieve perfectionism. It doesn’t exist.

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