4 Ways Mindfulness Makes Me a Better Mom

I used to think I was selfish before I had kids. I went about my days doing exactly what I wanted to do at exactly the moment I wanted to do it. I jogged, took long baths and sometimes, I’d even have time to read a book. I mean, I could read full-length novels within the span of a week! Though, things are different now that I have kids. 

I couldn’t love my children more, but there’s definitely less time for me to do the things that leave me feeling happy and refreshed. Giving all my time to the family can, on some occasions, leave me feeling overwhelmed, upset and frustrated. These feelings often lead to angry outbursts at my kids or husband, which makes me feel even worse about myself. It’s a vicious cycle that changes my personal perception of who I am, making me believe I’m a bad wife, mother and person.

Recently though, I discovered the App MamaZen, which is designed specifically for moms, and it’s been a total game changer. There are tons of scientifically-proven mental and physical health benefits of Hypnotherapy, but more importantly, it’s helping me be a better mom.

Some things I’ve noticed are:

1. I’m more in control of my emotions. Taking just a few minutes to myself every day, or even every other day, makes a huge difference in my frustration level. I’ve found that I’m able to stay calmer for longer, even in difficult situations. My feelings of guilt are decreasing as well. I think just hearing someone say, “You are exactly the mom your children need.” Reminds me that I’m trying my best, and that’s all I can ask of myself.

2. I’m able to fall asleep more easily. I really struggle with anxiety at night. It’s difficult for me to stop my thoughts from racing, and makes it challenging to fall asleep. Lately I’ve been listening to mindfulness meditations before bed and it’s made a monumental difference. I usually fall asleep within thirty minutes of laying down, and this helps me have the energy and mental clarity I need to care for my children the next day.

3. I’m more capable of being “in the moment” with my kids. Mindfulness is all about learning to exist in the present. Just practicing a few minutes every day is teaching me how to be more present with my kids, and enjoy the time we have together.

4. I’m happier, and so are my kids. Learning how to let go of my own limited views of myself allows me to feel true joy in motherhood. Mindfulness empowers me to be the best version of myself and I’ve learned that when I’m happy, my kids are happy too.

I understand now that taking some time for myself isn’t actually selfish, it’s selfless. My kids deserve a mom that is present, mindful and happy.

MamaZen helps me achieve that, and I will continue to practice it every day. For now, though, it seems I must pretend to be Godzilla and destroy block buildings with my son.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Rachel Applebury

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