As much as we try to not lose our temper with our children, it inevitably seems to happen. And it's not just with our children that we lose our cool, but also our spouse, our families, and even our friends and co-workers.  It's not because being a mom suddenly makes you an angry person, it's because being a mom makes you confused, exhausted, frustrated, and stressed.

All of these different negative emotions, especially when we're not quite sure how to handle them, can lead to feelings of resentment and anger.  We get angry because we feel like our kids aren't listening to us, or because our spouse doesn't get what we're going through, or we even get angry with ourselves because we make mistakes or haven't lost the baby weight yet.

Take your pick. We constantly beat ourselves up, moms. To top it all off, we are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs first. The result is an underlying feeling of anger that we try to push down until we can no longer take it anymore, and we let it out in a stream of angry words and actions.

MamaZen will help you recognize your feelings of anger and allow you to become more mindful of the various triggers that can ignite these hot emotions. Through a thoughtful and compassionate series of Mindpower Sessions™ that combine hypnotherapy with peaceful meditation, you will begin to learn how to harness your ability to maintain self-control, enhance your sense of calm, and navigate through your anger in a healthy way.

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