Motherhood is something that is often associated with bringing many moments of joy and happiness, but if you're a mom, you also know that there can also be a lot of sadness as well.  Often, once we have children, we start to center our entire lives around these little humans that we’ve brought into the world. Suddenly, our children are all that matter, and our identity shifts from whatever it was before parenthood to simply being a mom.  

No matter how happy our children make us, this loss of our former identity can often leave us feeling very sad. We start to lose interest in having a social life and doing the things that we once enjoyed; often because we feel like we are no longer entitled to them. Our whole reason for living shifts to taking care of our children. Sometimes we feel as if we're doing it all on our own; we no longer have time for ourselves or time to spend with our friends, and we can’t remember how it was with our partner pre-baby. All of these changes can add to a feeling of intense sadness.

Using a series of guided Mindpower Sessions™, MamaZen strives to help you shift your focus to what is most important, and helps you overcome the negative emotions that keep you from being a happier mom. Through a combination of meditation and hypnotherapy, you will start to discover that your identity has not been lost, it has only been altered. You are still you, and you still deserve happiness and joy. You will start to reconnect with your children with deep compassion and a strong sense of empathy, helping you remember the raw joy that you felt the first time you laid eyes on their little faces.

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