Body Image

For most of us moms, even if we had an amazing and positive view of our body before childbirth, there's something about having children that does something to the way we see ourselves.

Suddenly we have all this extra weight that we didn't have before, we don't fit into the same size clothes, and we often feel like there's no way to get back to where we once were. We start to develop a sense of hopelessness when it comes to how we look and feel about our bodies.

Plus, it doesn't help our self-image when we see pictures plastered all over social media and other sources that show beautiful celebrities cuddling their newborns while rocking their pre-childbirth bodies. Aside from the fact that most of these people have trainers, nutritionists, and photoshop on their side, trying to compare ourselves to anyone else, ultimately only leads us to more frustration and misery.

In addition to how we see ourselves, we start to obsess about how other people see us; does our partner still find us attractive? Are our friends making comments about how we’ve packed on a few pounds? All of these questions and feelings add to our tendency to hold onto a negative body image.

The fact is, what you have accomplished with your body is absolutely amazing and one of the most incredible things that you can ever do -- you have brought another human being into the world! You are strong and beautiful, and you deserve to feel good about yourself and your body at this very moment.

MamaZen uses a series of dynamic, perspective-shifting Mindpower Sessions™  to help you see your body in a whole new light. You will let go of all of the unnecessary, negative thoughts that you have about your body, and instead, focus on how amazing your body truly is. You will begin to love yourself just the way you are and accept your body as a beautiful part of your life story.

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