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At MamaZen, we're on a dedicated mission to make maternal mental wellness available to all moms.

Our vision is to create a world where every mother has access to the resources and support she needs to thrive.

We understand the unique challenges of motherhood and are committed to providing effective solutions through our innovative app.

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Why Maternal Mental Wellness Matters
Maternal mental health is crucial for the well-being of both mothers and their children. Issues like postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress can significantly impact a mother's quality of life and her ability to care for her family. By prioritizing maternal mental wellness, we can ensure healthier, happier families and communities.

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We're always looking for like-minded partners who share our passion for supporting motherhood and maternal mental health. Through our affiliate programs, we offer unique opportunities for businesses, healthcare providers, and community organizations to join us in this important mission. By partnering with MamaZen, you can help make a positive difference in the lives of mothers everywhere.

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Our affiliate programs are designed to create mutually beneficial relationships.

As an affiliate, you'll have access to:
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Join us in making maternal mental wellness a priority. Whether you're an individual passionate about motherhood or a business looking to make a positive impact, there's a place for you in our affiliate programs. Together, we can create a supportive community for all moms.

I continued on, and now I’ve been meditating for about three years. I feel like it’s helped me reduce the anxiety that was creating a lot of issues in my life before.
As a runner, I believe that mental fitness is key and post run meditation sessions help me feel more grounded... Calm has helped me take my mindfulness practice to another level.
Calm member since 2017
Emotionally, I’m more resilient and I believe I have a better relationship with myself, a stronger sense of who I am, and I hold a lot less tension in my body.
Calm member since 2017
My mental health was not good. I was always upset and irritated at everyone. I am finally waking up in the morning happy and smiling. My kids are much more pleasant to be around now and they seem much happier.
Mother of 4
Massachusetts, United States

I found this app to be quite effective to shift how I was parenting in a much more positive direction. Super worth it if you are a parent. The app looks great and more importantly it works.
Mother of 2
New York, United States

For years I have struggled with anxiety and yelling at my kids. I can finally breathe and enjoy my time with my children. This app saved my relationship with them and I am so happy I found it.
Mother of 2
California, United States