6 New Year's Resolutions Ideas for Moms

Okay, moms, it’s that time of year again. You know the one -- when we all start declaring the things we’re going to change in the new year. The famous list of New Year’s resolutions! Year after year, people begin to think about how they can make some changes to make their lives better; usually, things like start working out, eat less sugar, learn five languages, and, well, you get the idea. 

But, sometimes, when we try to tackle resolutions without a real plan or any help, we stick to them for about a month if we’re lucky, then start to drift back into old habits. Well, not this year, momma! This year will be different because this year, you have something you didn’t have before -- MamaZen. So check out these 6 New Year’s resolution ideas for moms and see which ones you’re going to put at the top of your list.

Stop Yelling at Your Kids -- Don’t worry, momma, you’re not alone. Every mom has yelled at her kids at some point, and most likely, will again at some point too. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel bad when it happens. Usually, when we yell at our kids, it’s not really about them but us. In other words, we need a better way to cope when our kids are misbehaving, so we don’t pop our tops. Check out the amazingly helpful Mindpower Sessions 'Deal with My Misbehaving Child with Love' and 'Reduce Anger and Increase Patience' to start learning how you can recognize your triggers and change how you respond to your kids. 

Become a Calmer Mother -- If you didn’t wish you had more patience and less stress, then you wouldn’t be a mom. It’s a fact. But, being calm isn’t some innate gift, especially when you’re a busy mom with a mind full of to-dos, schedules, and swirling emotions. That’s right; learning to clear your thoughts is an acquired skill, and lucky for you, MamaZen can help.  Powerful, life-changing sessions like 'Release Anxiety Now' and 'De-Stress and Relax' are designed to teach you wonderful calming behaviors that you can put into practice right away! Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll learn how to forgive yourself in those times when you inevitably do lose your cool.

Focus on Self-Care -- Self-care resolutions are some of the biggest and most popular for everyone each year, especially moms! And for good reason, since as moms, we’re pretty much awful when it comes to self-care. We put everyone else, including the family dog (heck, even the goldfish), ahead of ourselves. And in the moments we do try to snag some “me” time, we can’t really focus because we feel guilty about it. 

Most of the time, it’s because we assume there’s no way we have any time to spare to take care of ourselves, but guess what? You can make BIG changes in how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally in as little as 10 minutes just a few times a week! This is WORTH doing, momma! Self-care is critical not only to your well-being but the well-being of your kids and all of your relationships. It ultimately makes you a better mom! So, take the first step (it’s easy and quick) and download our fantastic self-care app, created just for busy moms like you! To get started on your self-care resolution, check out the Mindpower Sessions, 'Be Able to Say No' and 'Prioritize Wellness'.

Declutter Your Mind -- You may have already thought about resolving to get rid of clutter and organize your house. But don’t forget about tossing all of the stuff that’s cluttering up your mind too. You know what I mean. As moms, we keep an ongoing list of obligations, calendars, and reminders in our brains at all times (for us and everyone else). Then all of that stuff turns into a bunch of anxiety and stress. So, this New Year, make a resolution to declutter your mind. Let go of the anxiety and stress that comes along with the responsibilities of motherhood, running a household, paying bills, and keeping the groceries stocked. Crank up these Mindpower Sessions, 'Be More Present with My Child' and 'Accomplish Daily Tasks', to learn how to reduce the mental clutter and focus on the present moment.

Patient Parenting -- No matter how old your kids are, don’t you find it amazing how they always seem to know how to push your buttons? And lately, with the way things have been, you might find that those buttons are stuck in the on position. Maybe it’s because you’re homeschooling or spending more time with your children because of changes in childcare needs, but whatever the reason, your patience is probably being tested every second. It’s normal to feel stressed out, momma. If you need a helping hand with increasing your patience, check out MamaZen’s 'Patience with Homeschooling' and 'Re-centering in Uncertain Times' Mindpower Sessions. 

Being Happy with Less -- In today’s society of more, more, more, it can be tough to say no to our kids (and ourselves). We often end up with a whole lot of stuff we don’t really want. Sometimes, we acquire things just because we’re trying to keep up with the Joneses (who are probably in debt and miserable), but instead, we end up even more stressed out than before. This New Year, consider a resolution to focus more on the things you do have (and not just the physical). You might be surprised how a little minimalism can go a long way to making you and your family a whole lot happier. A good starting point is listening to 'Stop Comparing Myself to Other Moms' Mindpower Session, so you can start shifting your mindset to concentrating on your own life.

Are you ready to make your New Year’s resolution list? These are some great places to start! And, when you download the MamaZen app, you don’t have to do it alone! It’s like having your own personal life coach right in your back pocket. Plus, you get your first month free! MamaZen has everything you need to tackle your motherhood challenges and work toward your resolutions so you can become the healthier, happier, and calmer momma that you deserve to be.

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