The Minimalist Mom: Declutter Your Mind, Raise a Happy Family

When you hear the term minimalist mom you might picture a sparsely decorated house with few toys, spotlessly clean floors, and room to spare in all of the closets. While this extreme might work for some, it's certainly not a reality for most of us moms. In fact, being a minimalist mom isn't about ditching all of your stuff. It's more about letting go of the unnecessary things that weigh us down so we have more room in our lives for what's really important. Hint: minimalism isn't just about physical stuff.

So, while kicking your clutter habit is a great way to find a sense of peace, you also need to toss the negative emotions that can drag you down. 

Get Rid of Anger -- Similar to clutter, negative thoughts and anger can build up and become overwhelming. If you don’t take the steps to get rid of the anger, then more and more continues to accumulate. Plus, being angry really serves no purpose; it only makes you and those around you miserable. It’s time to stop the frustration and the yelling and start to make room for happier thoughts. To get started, listen to MamaZen’s Mindpower SessionsLet Go of Anger’, which is only 7 minutes long, and ‘Be a Happier Momma’

Let Go of Resentment -- Another way clutter piles up is when you hang on to a ton of items from your past. You know the ones: high school yearbooks, your first library card, every birthday card you ever received in your entire life. Of course, you want to hold on to your memories, but holding on to negative things that happened in the past slowly turns into resentment. It’s kind of like holding on to all those awful letters from your ex-boyfriend that cheated on you in high school. It’s time to 'Release the Past and Let Go' so you can make more room for what’s happening in your present and the things you want to achieve in your future. 

Ditch the Guilt -- Mom guilt is very real, and any mom who tells you she’s never felt guilty is probably either lying or just fooling herself. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to ditch the guilt and realize that you are doing your best. As moms, one of the biggest things that trigger guilty feelings is when we take time for ourselves. However, if we always put our needs last, we end up cluttering up our lives with anger and resentment again. (See how it’s all tied together, momma?) So, grab your headphones and crank up these Mindpower Sessions, 'Reduce Mom’s Guilt' and 'Invest in Myself and Continue to Grow' to focus on feeling good about the choices you make for you and your children.

Throw Out Impatience -- The last thing to throw out on your journey to become a minimalist mom is that big pile of impatience that’s been with you for so long. When you have kids, it’s like that pile multiples by 1000 (kind of like how baby stuff takes over your house). But, the great thing about tossing away impatience is the more of it you get rid of, the easier it is to purge the other stuff like anger and guilt. It’s the same thing with your stuff; the more you decide to toss, the easier it is to do. If you need a helping hand in this department check out ‘Reduce Anger and Increase Patience’ and ‘De-Stress SOS’ Mindpower Sessions will empower you to be a more patient mama.

When you’re a mom, life starts to move at super-speed, and you pick up a lot of things along the way, both physical and emotional. If you don’t work on tossing out some of it now and then, it can start to get out of control. Minimalist moms are on to something with the idea of a more simplified lifestyle. Lucky for you, MamaZen has made it a breeze to start tackling all of the emotional clutter so you can breathe easier, and it’s all right at your fingertips! Download the app today to start making a real positive change in your life. Plus, your first month is FREE! Now, that’s definitely something worth making room for, don’t you think?

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