How To Deal with Toddler Tantrums

If there’s one question I ponder daily as a mom of a 2 year old, it’s “How to deal with toddler tantrums…” These tantrums often take us by surprise, and really, most of us are not equipped to deal with these kinds of outbursts. Primarily because they are, undeniably, ridiculous.

Their banana broke in half, they dropped a grape, you gave them the drink that they asked you for, you served them dinner, all of these situations are enough to warrant a full-blown tantrum. Which leaves us wondering how to deal with toddler tantrums without raising our children’s anger to an even higher and more outrageous level.

One of the most important things to remember is that toddlers are going through a huge developmental period and have not yet learned how to control their feelings. This has helped me massively in my understanding of how to deal with toddler tantrums. Knowing that my daughter has no control over her reactions helps me to approach the situation in a much calmer way without raising my voice and upping the anger within the room.

After that, it’s all about developing more patience. Ha! I hear you say… And yes I get it, being a patient mother might feel like a bit of an oxymoron - though I’m sure we’ve all seen a few moms who look like they’re killing it. But I’ll let you in on a secret: they’re tearing their hair out just as much as we are.

We can’t simply plaster on a patient attitude and hope that it will work. The journey into how to deal with toddler tantrums effectively takes a little bit more work than that. And that is where my secret weapon comes in - the MamaZen app

MamaZen has helped me to develop patience towards both my partner and my daughter, and we are all the happier for it. I spent around 10 days listening to ‘Patience with Tantrums’ every morning after waking up and going for a run. Finding and allocating the time to listen to the recordings in my already-existing routine was the easiest way for me to commit to listening.

The great thing about listening to it first thing in the morning, before my daughter even wakes up, is that I start the day feeling as though I’m oozing patience and tolerance for anything that motherhood tries to test me with. Granted, this feeling occasionally dwindles throughout the day, but then I listen again the next morning and feel wonderful all over again.

Then there’s bedtime. You’ve had nothing but patience for your children all day, and they can feel it! They’ve been angels, everyone has existed in harmony, and you briefly consider the idea that maybe, just maybe, your toddler will fall asleep easily.

90 minutes later and you’re re-reading their favourite story for the 53rd time in a row, whilst they repeatedly kick you in the head screaming that they’re not tired. Goodbye patience. We wave goodbye to our day of patience as it soars out of the window, leaving behind the mummy monster who is about to explode with stress and irritability. And nobody likes her very much, least of all ourselves.

‘Patience with Never Ending Bedtime’ was made for you, mama! If the above scenario sounds a little bit like your evening - and it sure does mine! - this session will help you to develop the calmness needed to put your forever-energetic and frustrated toddler to bed. And following a better bedtime, you’ll likely have a better night of sleep yourself!

So if you’re wondering how to deal with toddler tantrums, I would suggest jumping straight into downloading the MamaZen app and reaping the benefits immediately. Because if there’s anything that we mamas have in common, it’s a desire to be more patient with our children.

The best part is that when we’re more patient, our toddler’s tantrums are far more bearable. Whether that’s down to our calmer mindset or the fact that our children are mimicking our attitude, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it works. And if we can do something so easy to reduce our stress levels during a day in the life of being a mom, we should probably do it. For our sanity more than anything else.

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums :

Step 1: Take a deep breath, inhale calm, exhale anger. 

Step 2: Download MamaZen, pop your headphones in, zone out for 15 minutes, and wake up with a whole new perspective. It could be the adjustment that changes everything!

You’ve got this mama!

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