The Anti-Gift Guide: What Moms Really Don't Want This Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, children and husbands alike scramble to find the perfect gifts to show their appreciation. We all know the usual suspects: flowers, chocolates, homemade cards, and maybe even a nice piece of jewelry. But let's take a moment to think outside the box—or, rather, inside the box of all the things moms don't want this year.

Here's the Anti-Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2023: five things moms would love to see less of.

1. Conquering Mount Laundrymore: This towering pile of dirty clothes haunts us daily. It's more than a chore, it's a perpetual endurance sport. This Mother's Day, our dream is not to see, let alone touch, a single piece of dirty laundry. Instead, we'd love to see our families dive into the task, turning the laundry marathon into a relay race of sorts.

2. Ceasing the Never-Ending Clean-up: From the toys scattered all over the living room to the dishes that seem to reproduce in the sink, the endless clean-up is a constant drain. We wish to step into sparkling clean spaces all day long on Mother's Day, and see the effort to maintain this cleanliness throughout the day.

3. Muting the Symphony of Whining: Every mom has a soundtrack to her life, and more often than not, it's the relentless whining and arguing over trivial issues. This Mother's Day, our wish is for 24 hours of peace and harmony, free from any whining or disputes.

4. Calling Time-out on the Kitchen Marathon: Cooking can be a joy, but when it turns into an all-day event that includes planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning, it becomes less joyful and more draining. This Mother's Day, we'd love to hang up our aprons and enjoy our favorite meals cooked by or ordered in by our families.

5. Lifting the Mood of Mopey Husbands: Yes, we see you, dear husbands. We notice when you're moping about a canceled golf game or a losing streak for your favorite sports team. This Mother's Day, our wish is for you to share in our enthusiasm and positive energy, contributing to a joyful atmosphere in our home.

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