A Year Into The Pandemic, What We Have Learned About Our Children

We’ve crossed the one-year mark since the Covid-19 pandemic started in March of 2020; wow, has it really been a year? What began as a surreal situation has become, as crazy as it seems, almost a normal way of life (although it’s far from normal). Nowadays, it’s second nature to grab your mask on the way out of the door, just as much as it is to grab your cell phone. When all of this started, you were probably worried about what it was going to do to your kids (and rightly so). But, one year into the pandemic, something remarkable has happened -- our kids have taught us quite a lot about themselves.

Our Kids Are Extremely Adaptable

Let’s face it, many of us couldn’t stand it when we found out we had to stay home for weeks, then months. We got stressed, anxious, and battered. Many lost their jobs and found themselves homeschooling their children while struggling to maintain a roof over their heads. However, our kids adapted (in fact, many of them loved it). They figured things out and created ingenious ways to pass the time. We saw more cardboard-box creations than ever and endless miles of sidewalk-chalk art on every street. Our kids made the best of it.

Our Kids Are Compassionate

Through the fast-paced hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to zip through our day, laser-focused on the finish line. Sometimes, we don’t notice what’s happening around us, including the people that might need a friendly glance or a kind word. Yet, our children see everything (and I do mean everything), and when the pandemic forced us to slow down a bit, we started noticing things too. Some of us hit rock bottom during this surreal time, while others stayed afloat, but through it all, our kids showed compassion. They worried about us, their friends, and even strangers. Our kids wanted to help. It was eye-opening; our kids can see the bigger picture, and they can help us see it as well.  

Our Kids Are Priceless

Despite all of the uncertainties, struggles, and negatives of the past year, there has been, undoubtedly, one amazing positive. Many of us ended up getting to spend a lot more time with our children, much more than we usually did when we had to run off to work every day or ship them off to school. We learned that nothing is more important than being together with our kids; they are priceless. And while it’s necessary to earn a living, it’s essential to remember to do so for our families and not at their expense.

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