Homeschooling My Toddler Is Hard

I never thought that patience would be the hardest lesson for me to learn when I became a mum. But in fact, becoming a mum taught me that being impatient was an inherent part of my personality and something that I would have to learn how to control if I was going to survive every day of motherhood without exploding.

Mess on the floor, reluctance to get dressed, and a desire to throw an entire ball pit of balls in every direction around our apartment are just three things that I have to deal with on a daily basis. And are three things that I’ve just had to get used to.

MamaZen has helped me on my journey to becoming a patient mum. I’m so much better equipped to let the small things go, and realise that patience is the ultimate key to a happier household! It’s funny how having a little bit more patience can make even the most stressful of activities take on an element of fun. I’m learning to turn a lengthy bedtime into an opportunity to spend more time with my daughter, whilst getting dressed in the mornings becomes a game instead of a battle.

I won’t lie and say that my days are now filled only with patience and bliss, I still get twitchy when glasses get broken and I’m tidying up the toy box for the 20th time in the day. But I’m much better able to deal with these emotions and turn them into something positive. For me, learning how to become a patient mum has completely changed my relationship with my daughter. I think it’s important for us as mums to understand that as much as our toddlers might drive us completely mad, they’re not trying to. And when they do something that’s truly out of line, it’s much easier to let them know that they’ve done something wrong without our constant impatience making them feel like they’re doing everything wrong.

Mamazen extends into more than just helping me in my journey to becoming a patient mother. It gives me 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to myself every day - this time spent on self-care and self-development reminds me that I’m still more than just a mum, which helps me to let the little annoyances of motherhood affect me less.

Our little ones are learning how to be people just as much as we’re learning how to be mothers. And we can all make that journey easier by being more forgiving of the small things and not letting stress overwhelm us when there’s no need for it. But it is a journey, avoiding stress and impatience are elements of motherhood that we all have to decide how to deal with every day.

Let Mamazen do the thinking for you and guide you into becoming a more patient and less stressed parent! It’s at least one thing that you can tick off of your never-ending to-do list…

Keira Shepherd

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