Four Tips for Developing Your Child's Love for Books

What better time to foster your children's love for books and reading than National Library Lovers’ Month? Books are one of the most remarkable ways for children to explore, learn, and develop their imaginations. With books, kids can go to places they have never been, see things they’ve never seen, and discover all sorts of amazing things. But, if your children would rather kick back with a tablet than cozy up with a book, what can you do?

Don’t Force It...Make a Transition

If your child is older, don’t worry, it’s never too late to develop a love for reading. Even if your kid’s favorite pastime is playing games on a tablet, you can use that to your advantage when it comes to encouraging a love of books. Talk to your child about some of his favorite interests, then download a few age-appropriate e-books for him to peruse. Gradually substitute some of those e-books with physical books. Find book series that your child enjoys, let him look at the first couple of books in the series on the screen, then make the next one a hard copy. 

Read to Your Kids As Soon and As Often As Possible

The best way to develop your children’s love for books is to introduce them to books as early as possible (we’re talking while they’re still in the womb)! Yes, your baby can hear you from in there. The more exposure your child has to books from a young age, the more likely she is to become engaged in a variety of different books.

Read to your child as often as you can, make a book part of your bedtime routine, or start the day with breakfast and a book. Whatever way is best for you to fit reading time into your lifestyle works; the essential point is that books are a part of your child’s life.

Create Books with Your Child

A love for books doesn’t have to be all about reading them; you can create books with your child too. Grab some paper, markers, fabric scraps, and anything else you can find, and ask your child what she would like to have in her book. Help her create various pages and assemble her book, then take turns exploring it together. 

Make Going to the Library Part of Your Routine

You don’t have to buy your children endless supplies of books for them to love reading. Introducing your child to the library as soon as you can is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving for your child’s lifetime. When your kids are very little, start taking them to storytime at the library. Many libraries offer various activities for kids of different ages that provide the perfect way to get kids excited about going. Then, while you’re there, let your child pick out a few books. As soon as she can handle it, get her a library card and let her check out the books herself. Libraries are a fantastic resource, offering all sorts of enriching activities, materials, and more that encourage children to explore and learn about the world around them and the things that interest them. It’s no wonder that there’s a month devoted to library lovers; it shows just how much impact these institutions make on communities.

With these tips, your child is sure to find genuine joy in reading. Now, all that’s left to do is to decide which book you’ll read next! Looking for more great ideas like these? Make sure to check out what MamaZen Blog has to offer, from raising happy, healthy kids to being a more confident, stress-free momma.

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