It's probably a fair assumption that no mom sets out on her motherhood journey expecting to yell at her children. We all have these glorious visions of talking rationally to our children all the way from toddler to teen, and never losing our temper. We like to think that we have the self-control to maintain a calm demeanor when our children spill grape juice all over the sofa or cut holes in all of their shirts, especially since we are technically the adults in these situations.

Unfortunately, most of the time the reality is that yelling becomes an inevitable part of being a mom, and it isn’t just our kids that are on the receiving end of our raised voices. We end up yelling at our partner, our parents, our dog, and anyone else that happens to be within a few feet. We lose our cool, we reach the end of our rope, we simply feel like we have nothing left. Yelling is closely tied to other hard-to-handle emotions like impatience and frustration.

Sometimes we feel like we tell our kids the same thing over and over and over again until we’d rather beat our head against a wall. We feel ignored, disrespected, inconsequential, you name it! Ultimately, we end up raising our voice and yelling because we think it is the only way that we can be heard. We get it! And we can help. MamaZen uses carefully designed, thoughtful Mindpower Sessions™ that combine hypnotherapy and meditation to help change your perspective about different aspects of motherhood.

You will become more mindful of the various factors that cause you to lose your temper so that you can address your feelings in a healthy way and develop the ability to maintain your self-control.  You will become more proactive with how you handle difficult situations, which will put you in a better position to control your feelings, instead of your feelings controlling you.

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